Week 3 — Art Activity — Drawing

1) Post your 6 sketches

2) Was it fun? Frustrating? Do you like to draw? Will you ever try again?

This week’s activity was really fun! I had a good time while drawing the following prompts. I love to draw, I have been drawing ever since I was young and self taught in multi-mediums.

3) Do you think if you practiced for 100 hours, or 1,000, that you would get a lot better?

Of course I believe that if I practiced/ put more time in my work it would be better than if I had less time. The more time you have the more details you can get into your drawing.

4) What is your major? Can you think of ways that simple sketching could be useful in your major?

My major is psychology. Some ways simple sketching would be useful in my major is that I could draw a brain so I can learn, show, or remember the specific parts that make up the brain and how they are connected. I could also draw specific characteristics or traits of different behavioral activity of a subject.

5) Is Drawing a Language? Can we say things with drawings that are hard to say with words?

I believe that drawing is a language. Just how language is a way of communication so is art and drawing. When someone doesn’t understand what you are trying to say, just draw a picture so the person can visually see what you are trying to say. Sometimes we have emotions in us or feelings that words can’t describe. So we express them through art.

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