Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

1)Describe the idea you chose

The idea I chose was the idea of Halloween. Since it’s October all I’ve been thinking about is Halloween and all things spooky and scary. One of my favorite Halloween movies ever is The Nightmare Before Christmas. So for this week I decided to draw jack, sally, and zero from the movie.

2)List your 3 or more media choices

My 3 media choices for the artwork I will be doing were watercolor paints, ink, and acrylic paints.

3)Which media did you choose? Explain why you chose this one. And how you think the piece would have been different if you had chosen the other two.

The main media I used is ink then added color with watercolor paints. I chose ink to show every detail within the illustration of the characters especially jack with the lines on his suit and all the intricate details in sally’s dress. I then watercolor painted sally to give her some life juxtaposed to jack who is just all black and white. If I had used acrylic paints then the piece would have been richer in color but I would have executed it the same way I envisioned it.

4)Show your finished project using Photos/Video

5)How do you think you did? Are you satisfied? Do you think your finished piece conveys the idea you wanted it to?

I think I did a great job of illustrating the characters of my favorite movie. I am satisfied with the outcome of this illustration and there’s nothing I would change. Yes, I think my finished piece conveyed the idea I wanted to because my idea was my favorite movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, and I created artwork of my rendition of the characters.

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