Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8


Desiree Jones https://medium.com/@desiree.jones275

Karely Rojas https://medium.com/@karely.rojas619

Valerie Garcia https://medium.com/@valerie.garcia03

“As Halloween approaches I look over to my costume that hauntingly dressed on a mannequin.”

“I then tend to my orchid and flowers as part of my morning routine”

“I am then greeted by three of my dogs as they bark loudly for their food”

“It appears to be a bright and sunny day today, a great day to go to the beach!”

“I get excited as I pass by the beach in my car thinking of all the fun and relaxation I will experience”

“The sun is so bright and as the light reflects on the water it creates such a beautiful scenery”

“As the time goes by it seems to get cloudy and windy”

“As my day at the beach wraps up I admire the beautiful sunset”

“The sky begins to dim and it becomes darker as the light poles begin to turn on”

“It is night and I put my mask and hood on as I make my way back home”