Week 7 — Art Idea Essay — The Art of Place

Ever since quarantine many of us stay indoors as much as possible. Our regular lives of going from place to place soon became a dream to most if not all of us. During quarantine, we reminisce of the times we would go out and all the memories we made in those places and how we took it all for granted. Before quarantine visiting places and being at places came so natural to us that we failed to see more than what it was. Places affected all of us and how we live our lives, It created a culture for everyone, it helped people express themselves, and it has opened up many opportunities for a lot of people.

Two artists that express their ideas about place are Amelia Bauer and Wijnanda Deroo. Amelia Bauer and her piece “Burned Over #4” explores the cultural significance of the idea of place. She describes how cultural significance is determined by the artist itself and how the artist conserves and codifies their ideas meaningfully to contribute to the understanding of culture’s sacred places and alternative perspectives. Wijnanda Deroo and her photography art piece “Adler Hotel Room, Sharon Springs” explores the origin aspect of the idea of place. She describes place as a sense of home and how the perception of place relates to humanity, nature, religion, and creative expression. A philosopher that expresses their ideas about place is Aristotle. Aristotle defines space as “the innermost motionless boundary of what contains”. These examples of artists’ and philosophers’ ideas of place are useful to the expansion of my idea of what place is. It shows me a place can be more than just one thing but many and how it can be seen through different aspects.

As of now the alternative forms of place due to the pandemic are virtual places. Many of us are working and going to school from home but things are starting to reopen again and going back to a sense of normal but not quite fully. I think that the only alternatives are to have the same places but upgrading them so they accommodate COVID precautions such as sanitization stations, mandatory masks, and social distancing guidelines so that people can have a sense of normality instead of having nothing at all moving forward into the future and so forth. It can adapt to the lifestyles of Gen-Z and millennials because everything will be the same except we just have extra things to do so that we can keep safe. A digital nomad millennial’s experience of place is different from an office-working baby boomer because A digital nomad millennial grew up in a world where technology was something normal to them and felt like it has always been around. While the office-working baby boomers grew up in a world before access to the internet and high technology so living in a place where high technology is the norm for most of us is a large differentiation from their generation.

Overall my vision for place in the 21st century is a hybrid place of both virtual-technological and real-life with COVID precautions. I believe and hope that if we start taking the right actions then by 2024 and so forth America will be free of COVID and everything will go back to the way it was before the pandemic. Now that I’m used to and have adapted to a life of pandemic isolation I will be able to navigate the new year better than when it all started. After I graduate from LBSU I would like to experience place in my life and career by exploring as much as possible. I want to travel the world, see new places, try new things, and see where my career will take me.

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