Wk 4 — Art Activity — Architecture & Urban Planning

1)Present your LBSU-21 design with Photos, Video, or whatever media is appropriate

2)Explain your design. What choices did you make? What issues and needs did you consider? How did you reach your solutions?

For my design I layed out everything in a rectangle shape to have a more unified and organized layout. One of the issues I had with the old design was the location of everything. All the class buildings were in different locations on campus so for my design I decided to put them all in one place so students wouldn’t have to go such far distances to get to their classes. Another issue I had with the old campus is that recreational and educational spaces were combined so for my design I wanted them to be separated so the south side of campus is educational and the north side is recreational and student life so that students can experience that double life style they will eventually have in the real world. For the recreational side I have combined food and shopping into one place to give a mall experience. So students can get their work done on the south side and relax and have a good time on the north side and go back to their dorms (for students who are dorming. I reached my solutions by just simple organization and what I would want personally because it’s my vision.

3)How does your design address Education in the Internet Century?

My design addresses education in the internet century because all buildings have WiFi as well as the entire campus. All classes and the library provide laptops and computers for students. All classes also have state of the art technology for the best learning experience. I implemented a technology support center for students having difficulties with their laptops, phones, or computers. The shopping area also provides students with all the latest technological devices for purchase or for rent.

4)How does your design address Education in the Age of Coronavirus?

In the world we live in today, keeping clean and safe is everyone’s number one priority. My design addresses education in the age of the coronavirus because in every building I’ve implemented sanitization stations before you enter. I’ve also put a hospital on campus because we didn’t have one before which can also help with covid. The sanitization stations provide masks for people as well so that everyone can be protected. If everyone can be sanitized while wearing a mask at all times then we can all prevent the virus from spreading.

5)Name your post: Wk 4 — Art Activity — Architecture & Urban Planning

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