Wk 5 — Visiting Artist — Bobi Bosson

Bobi Bosson is an interdisciplinary freelance artist. Bobi decided to change her career from sales and optical to a degree in art and design. She then graduated from the California State University Channel Islands Art program in 2018 and has been pursuing her passion for art since then. Some fun facts about her are that she loves cats and is a fan of Rupaul’s Drag Race. Ideas that Bobi’s work explores are not necessarily women but the power and beauty of femininity and all things that exude feminine energy. Other ideas her work explores are social issues like fighting against homophobia, racism, transphobia, misogyny, etc, and environmental issues as well.

Since Bobi is an interdisciplinary artist she works with many different types of mediums. In her work “JULES” OIL ON CANVAS 30” X 40” she executes her pieces through scrapes of a palette knife with all the colors of the rainbow creating texture, and for fine detail, she uses brush strokes. She focuses on the main figure of her painting which is a woman by painting her blue contrasting to the dark and deep colors of red, orange, and yellow with pops of green. In her “FOR THE LOVE OF DRAG” oil painting series she uses precise brush strokes to perfectly execute shading and details in the hair and makeup. She uses dark and muted colors within the background and pops bright colors in the makeup of the queens to make a statement and focal point. Bobi’s current work “MONARCH”, OIL ON CANVAS, MARINE DEBRIS, CELLOPHANE, WIRE, AND SCREEN PRINT, 40" X 24” X 17” uses multiple media as stated. The use of different materials such as marine debris, wires, and cellophane create a unique texture that gives a 3d effect, she uses warm tones and adds pop with the color yellow. Within all of Bobi’s work, the one thing they all have in common despite how different they all are is that they are all extremely detailed nothing is left blank or smooth.

The majority of Bobi’s work all explores the idea of femininity. For example in her “FOR THE LOVE OF DRAG” oil painting series she expresses the beauty of the art of drag. Which drag is inspired by the beauty and power of women and femininity. Another work that expresses the idea of femininity is “COME AT ME BRO”, CERAMIC SCREEN PRINT, 27”X19”X11” which is a sculpture of a curvaceous model of a woman’s upper body. Bobi’s work also explores the idea of social issues like fighting against homophobia, racism, transphobia, misogyny, etc in her work LET LOVE IN, SCREEN PRINT, 13” X 19”. She makes a statement that art can help fight back social issues and bring a message to all that love is powerful. Finally, another idea that she expresses with her art is environmental issues. In Bobi’s work “TIDE CONDITIONS” she creates a sculpture of the ocean with marine debris, plastic bottles, and trash. This brings awareness not only to herself but the world of how damaging pollution is too our oceans and how we carelessly contribute to this problem.

Bobi’s presentation as well as her artistic background really resonated with me. She was self-taught and was not afraid of trying every media which is exactly how I am as an artist as well. Her personal beliefs and views of the world and how she expresses them through her art is incredible and is something I find admirable. One of Bobi’s traits that really resonated with me is that she wanted to do it all and was persistent to make sure she followed her passion. As a kid and growing up I was the same way I always wanted to try everything whether it was sports, art, cooking, or anything that really caught my eyes because when I see something that I wanna try or have I’m persistent to make sure I have it. Overall her personal drive and passion for what she does is something I can truly connect with.