Wk 8 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 1

  1. What you plan to do

I plan to make an original art piece of my favorite anime RWBY.

2. Why you want to do it

I want to do it because it been something I’ve been putting off for a long time but this a perfect opportunity to finally do it. Also, the new season of RWBY is coming next month so I’m just really excited and looking forward to watching it.

3. What resources you will need

The resources I will need are just watercolor paper, my pencil, my ink pens, and my watercolor paints.

4. What concerns you might have — time? materials? your own skill? audience understanding? Etc

I don’t really have any concerns with anything, I guess the only thing I’m concerned with is time but that’s it.




Arts and crafts

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Alastair Bayle

Alastair Bayle

Arts and crafts

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