Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

1) Photos or Video of your completed project

2) What was your original vision?

The original vision was to make original RWBY art of one of the main characters Blake Belladonna.

3) How did your project differ from the original vision?

My project didn’t really differ much from the original sketch. I made sure I followed my original sketch and how everything was positioned.

4) Do you think your project is a success? Why or why not?

I think my project was a success because I followed my original sketch idea and made it a reality.

5) Do you think your project got weaker due to compromises you had to make to complete it? Or stronger due to improvements as you executed the work and found new ideas? Or both? Please describe!

I think my project got stronger because of my drive for the excitement of this show. Rwby is one of my favorite animes and drawing or even making RWBY art is even more exciting and fun. I feel like if a had more time then I would have definitely made it even better than what I executed but I’m still pleased with the results.

6) What ideas, concepts, or artistic abilities were you trying to explore in this project? Did you achieve your goals? Do you think your piece communicates what you wanted it to?

I guess some things. I was trying to achieve is watercoloring details such as hair, shading, and the reflectiveness of different materials. I think my piece communicated what it needed to and that I achieved my goals.

7) What would you do differently if you did this project again?

The only thing I would do differently if I did this project again is to think of other ideas, something even more elaborate. I can’t change my techniques and the way I do things because that’s what makes me unique, the only thing I can change is what I create. Maybe I wanna do a different character or maybe even all of them or even another different anime, the possibilities are endless.

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